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Sulatha Francis

A truthful writer Engaging the readers through her Candid, Explicit Narrative style and Simple rhymes.

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Sulatha Francis

A passionate reader with fire in the belly to stand up for what is right, no matter the circumstances. 

A fervid writer for whom writing is a tool to touch the hearts of people and awaken a sense of justice and righteousness in the otherwise complacent minds.

A well-settled woman who gives importance for self reliance through career growth, respects the social commitments while at the same time loving every moment spent with dearest family that comprises of a true gentleman of a husband and two charming teenagers, a boy and a girl.

She cherishes her upbringing, being born to an ‘iron-lady’ mother who nurtured the importance of ‘being independent’ in the young mind and a noble father who was a born leader, leading by example. The vibrant family front of the early days, packed with children, all girls, rendered a reliable support system giving strength and energy to rise above the challenges of life.

She completed her schooling from Calicut in Kerala and then moved to Chennai in Tamil Nadu for her Masters and M.Phil in English Language and Literature. She served academic institutions as a lecturer in Communicative English before she embarked on corporate missions.

Today, Sulatha Francis is a Management Professional with more than two decades of corporate experience. She is an established business woman, based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

About the Book

Not Just A Woman But THE WOMAN

This anthology offers a descriptive insight into four major areas, namely ‘Voice of Women’, ‘ Social Refrains’, ‘Gifts of Life’ and ‘Sickness and Death’.

Every poem in the first segment is based on a true story. It is the author’s reaction in writing to everyday news on children being subjected to sexual abuse, women put to death after rape and more . These reports create a sense of panic and fear in every woman’s heart. Author also touches upon slack judiciary helping the culprits to escape scot free while the victims are forgotten.

‘Social Refrains’ is an outcry against the falling and failing value system of today’s world. It is this degradation of values that has resulted in a spike of old age homes all across the globe. Misinterpreted religious texts have given way to terrorism and ruthless killing in the name of God.

‘Gifts of Life’ is an interlude offering hope and peace and is well placed as the third segment to disseminate the poignant messages of the earlier poems.

‘Sickness and Death’ portrays the insurmountable fear and insecurity in a dying heart and the loneliness of life.

A Glimpse Of

Not Just A Woman But THE WOMAN

Critic Reviews


This book makes me believe in the fact that I am not just a woman, but the woman. I would give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
Each poem just feel so relatable to a woman’s life. This book was beyond my expectations; the words used, the poetic devices and everything about the book was amazing. The story of a woman cannot be expressed just in words written down on a few pages but the way it was expressed through the lines of a poem was hard to believe at first. I really liked the emotions in the book and the fact that none of the situations were made up fictionally. I would only like to use two words for this book and for its author, “Originality and Uniqueness”

I would like to conclude by saying, “Believe in Yourself, that’s how others will believe in you!” This book feels incomplete without the author’s autograph!😊🙏🏻

Akshaya Kumar Tripathy

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this book, honestly. This anthology is sets of extremely powerful poems summarized in four stages, Voice of Women, Social Refrains, Gift of Life, and Sickness. The author covers the day-to-day events such as sexual abuse, torture of women, rapes, etc which creates fear in today’s society especially in the mind of every female. I honestly enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in becoming more awake to the present moment.



An excellent collection of poems highlighting the varied experiences about – grief, passion, family, faith. Some of the most beautiful phrasing I have ever read, it’s one I’ll be holding onto for quite some time.



Brilliant work!! Loved the intense feelings shown through each poem. Personally, felt the message that’s being portrayed about not judging a woman by the standards set by the society, but that, every woman is beautiful on the inside, is very apt for the women today.
A book worth buying & reading again & again.



Very good read, its meaningful and deep.
One can easily relate to it.
Definite addition to your book collection.

Alisha S.


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Not Just A Woman But THE WOMAN

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