This anthology offers a descriptive insight into four major areas, namely ‘Voice of Women’, ‘ Social Refrains’, ‘Gifts of Life’, and ‘Sickness and Death’.

Every poem in the first segment is based on a true story. It is the author’s reaction in writing to everyday news on children being subjected to sexual abuse, women put to death after rape and more . These reports create a sense of panic and fear in every woman’s heart. Author also touches upon slack judiciary helping the culprits to escape scot free while the victims are forgotten.

‘Social Refrains’ is an outcry against the falling and failing value system of today’s world. It is this degradation of values that has resulted in a spike of old age homes all across the globe. Misinterpreted religious texts have given way to terrorism and ruthless killing in the name of God.

‘Gifts of Life’ is an interlude offering hope and peace and is well placed as the third segment to disseminate the poignant messages of the earlier poems.

‘Sickness and Death’ portrays the insurmountable fear and insecurity in a dying heart and the loneliness of life.

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